Sick of Looking for a quiet spot in your workplace? Perhaps it’s time for some time out.

If the Framery O Booth is the Ferrari of focus booths, Time Out Booth is the trusty and affordable Toyota. 

The Time Out Booth has been created as a solution to the noise and privacy issues that come with open plan and agile work places. It operates in the same way as the Framery O, offering the solitude needed to be able to take those confidential calls. 

It keeps the noise you don’t want out, and your sensitive phone conversations in.

The catch? While Time Out Booth comes at a fraction of the price of Framery O, it’s noise cancelling is a fraction less. For most work spaces, it’s noise cancelling is more than sufficient, while the lower price makes it more than affordable.

For more information including your customising options contact us, or come and see the Time Out Booth at our Auckland based office and showroom.


  • High noise cancelling abilities - about 70% of the noise a Framery O Booth can

  • Ergonomically designed seat and lap top desk

  • Easily relocatable

  • Inbuilt ventilation system maintains a comfortable in-booth climate

  • Customisable exterior – in either painted sheet metal or brushed stainless steel

  • Customisable interior including stool colour and table size

  • Made from recycled or sustainable materials

  • Inbuilt power socket