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Over the last 12 years we've installed over 26,000 workstations and helped clients from the telecommunications, tertiary, retail, corporate, construction and healthcare sectors to create productive workspaces.

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SmartSpace is proudly Toitū net carbonzero certified

Being a Toitū net carbonzero certified company means measuring our greenhouse gas emissions, and putting in place strategies to manage, reduce and offset our impacts. We can then offset the remaining carbon emissions with verified carbon credits as a last resort, as opposed to buying carbon credits without being aware of their impact or having any intention to change.

Being certified by Toitū signifies that our carbon footprint, emission reductions and offsets are all independently verified on an annual basis.

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Explore the latest technology and transform your office into a Smart Office

A smart office delivers a streamlined, safe, and enjoyable work environment for employees while also enabling businesses to save time and money.

Our range of Smart Office Technology helps you achieve this. For example, Floorsight makes it simple for staff to book a desk, while Smartalock provides a secure location for personal items. Furthermore, our booking system for meeting rooms provides a convenient method for scheduling meetings.

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SmartSpace Workplace Solutions

Smart Office Technology Solutions

A smart office can enhance productivity, reduce energy consumption, provide data insights, and improve the working environment, resulting in higher job satisfaction and profitability.

Office Space planning

Office planning optimises space, enhances productivity, improves comfort and communication, and saves costs. It involves designing a layout that maximises space utilisation, considers employee needs, and encourages collaboration.

Office Noise Reduction & Management

Reducing office noise is important as it can improve concentration, productivity, communication, and privacy, while decreasing stress and errors.

Office furniture fit-outs

A well-designed office not only enhances the aesthetics of your workplace but also provides comfort and functionality to your employees, which can boost their productivity and overall satisfaction.

Custom-made Office Furniture

Custom office furniture offers tailored design, optimal functionality, durability, and brand identity, contributing to a positive and inspiring work environment.