Floorsense / Floorsight Office Sensors

Floorsense and Floorsight improve the functionality and use of your floor space. Use Floorsense and Floorsight to drive overhead savings & productivity gains.

  • Activity Based Working Product
  • USB Power Options
  • User Friendly
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Product Details

Floorsense discreetly uses intelligent sensor hardware and heatmaps to monitor workspace utilisation and report real-time data to you. Upgrade to floorsight to unleash the systems full productivity features, with USB-C quick charging  65watts for laptops!

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Your real-time data helps you to answer questions such as “are there enough desks?”, “are there too many desks?”, “do staff prefer sit-stand areas?”, and “are there enough private and/or meeting spaces?”.

This information is vital for improving the functionality and use of your floor space, driving overhead savings and productivity gains.

Floorsense has a discreet, under-desk sensor and is a low-cost, IT-free, and non-invasive method for getting reliable statistics.

Upgrade to floorsight

This is the next level up from Floorsense, which adds a top desk component that monitors and collects data for each individual staff member and pairs with the under-desk monitor for a wide range of advanced solutions.

The Floorsight app, or your own building cards, are used to activate the monitor.

Some of the advanced features available with the Floorsight setup include:

  • Use ‘find me’ to locate individuals at the touch of a button.
  • Book a desired workspace in advance through the app or in person with building access cards.
  • The top of desk device doubles as a wireless, USB-A or USB-C charger.
  • 'Traffic light' feature shows the availability of a desk and/or worker and can deter interruptions.
  • Monitor invoice-able time and track productivity.
  • 65Watts USB C quick charging for Laptops.

Floorsight or floorsense?

Both systems offer easy-to-read analytics to guide workspace decisions but for the richer data that can enable staffing, payroll, budgeting, and financial forecasting, the Floorsight system could be more appropriate for your needs.

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