Smartalock Locker System

Smartalock is the latest technology-based solution for lockers. An intelligent smart locker system that can be unlocked using a smart phone, swipe card or pin.

  • Activity Based Working Product
  • Custom made to your specifications
  • Ducted Power Data
  • Lockable
  • User Friendly
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Product Details

Special features

  • Complete software package, compatible with both iPhone and Android
  • Optional download of the Smartalock app, which provides all Smartalock portal services as well as shake to unlock, swipe to unlock, and pin to unlock
  • Option to have assigned or un-assigned lockers, or a mixture of both    
  • New Zealand-designed and supported
  • USB power in every locker
  • Ability to be managed remotely

As the popularity of agile workspaces and hot-desking increases, so does the need for adequate staff storage. New flexible working styles mean workstations are shared and users frequently change, and lockable desk storage is no longer suitable.

Having flexible workspaces means staff need flexible storage solutions, that can change to suit their location and needs.

Smartalock is the latest technology in staff storage solutions. Companies can have assigned lockers, or unassigned lockers - or even a mixture of both. Staff can manage their lockers and book unassigned lockers in any place remotely, and management can monitor and unlock lockers if needed. The lock is easily accessed with your choice of building access card, smartphone app, or the touch-screen kiosk. It’s low power, low maintenance, and pretty good looking, too. And just for gadgets-sake, you can even charge your smart device in it.

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