Urban Laptop Backpack

The Urban backpack offers minimalist, slim design coupled with durable protection for your laptop.

  • Activity Based Working Product
  • USB Power Options
  • User Friendly
  • Lightweight
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Product Details


An agile workplace requires you to be mobile and adaptable – so when you run to and from the office, without a desk to call your own, you need something you can carry all your stuff in.  Why lug a padded laptop bag, a lunch box, AND a tote crammed with all your files and folders – when you can replace all those with one ergonomic, minimalist, durable multi-purpose laptop backpack?

Special features:

  • Built-in USB power options – so that you can charge your phone or tablet on the go.
  • Cushioned shoulder straps – to spread the load you’re carrying (no more back pain)
  • Padded compartments – to safely store up to a 15.6” laptop, phone, and up to 10.1” tablet.
  • Water-resistant panels – so even if the heavens open up while you’re en route to the office, the rain won’t damage your laptop or smear your notes.
  • Zippered security pocket – to secretly stash your office pass or EFTPOS card.
  • Hands-free mobile suction cup on shoulder strap – so you can make a call easily while you’re commuting.


  • Grey and Black Exterior: Complements any workwear
  • Overall Dimensions: 30cm W x 46cm H x 11cm D
  • Capacity: 15 litres


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