Power Puck

With 95 watts capacity, the Power Puck is the fastest and most powerful workstation charging unit available in NZ.

  • Activity Based Working Product
  • USB Power Options
  • Range of Finishes Available
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Product Details

The power puck is the fastest and most powerful workstation charging unit available on the NZ market today.

With a hefty 95 watts capacity, and built-in USB PD3 connection the Power Puck enables you to charge your laptop, phone and tablet simultaneously (and faster-than-ever) from one discreetly designed desktop port.

Offering a sleek, streamlined design that sits flush with your workstation, it provides maximum power and modern functionality — at a highly competitive price.

Available in black or white, this desktop power unit can be fitted into (and look great on) any workstation.  Custom colours also available with bulk orders, contact us for more information.

Special Features

  • Provides both wireless and wired USB charging options, removing the need for bulky adaptors and plugs.
  • Up to 87W (minimum 65W) of USB PD 3 that provides fast-charging for all Apple, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Google and Samsung laptops.
  • New USB-C port makes it compatible with even the most modern laptops.
  • Fast-charging USB-A port for legacy devices and older Apple devices
  • 95 watts means you can use it to charge ALL your devices at once.
  • Non-Slip surface ring keeps phones aligned with the wireless coil, ensuring efficient wireless power delivery.


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