November 23, 2019

How to create a flexible co-working office space

It feels great to be agile and SmartSpace love helping others move and adapt (if only we’d been called in to help the All Blacks but we are here, anytime). The Crate Shared Space have just kicked off their latest venture and it’s the kind of high tech unique office space they had previously only dreamed of.  It is now very real thanks to SmartSpace’s agile workplace solutions.

The Crate started in 2014 as a small co-working space in Rosedale, Albany. It was a few meeting rooms and desks pulled together with “borrowed” pallets (the Crates the name suggests) to create the North Shore’s first “rent by desk” shared office.

Picture 2.png

The concept of a collaborative shared space grew in popularity, and before they knew it, expansion was required.  The Crate recently moved into a premium spot in Constellation Drive and, with the help of SmartSpace, the pallets are gone and instead they have 1000sqm of high-tech customisable office space, meeting rooms and event spaces.

How to build a collaborative workspace

SmartSpace breakout booths are an eye-catching feature of the main meet-and-greet space.  The vibrant fabrics (which also happen to absorb noise) set the tone for this modern, fun and friendly shared work environment.  Being able to deliver a cool and functional front-of-house was a win for SmartSpace and The Crate.

Picture 3.png

SmartSpace continues to have their backs too… literally.  The Trend office chair looks sharp in any open-plan office but, more importantly, the design makes sure everyone using the facilities have excellent support. The ergonomic design and full range of customisable settings limits the risk of injury to the team.

Picture 4.png

The Crate is a wonderful example of the power of teamwork – share and share alike!

To see how SmartSpace agile solutions can encourage teamwork and collaboration for yourself… get moving and check out our full product range today.