November 23, 2018

Projects We Love…

The Dual Classroom Unit at AUT’s Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Sciences Faculty.

Do you ever get one of those projects you’re so pleased with you just want to share it? Well, this is one of them! Earlier this year we had the opportunity to team up with Jasmax to come up with a creative solution for an awesome client.

The brief:
Our client came to us with a brief to create an innovative furniture solution for their newest leading edge Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Sciences Faculty.
Collaborating with our partners at Jasmax, we came up with the perfect solution: the Dual Classroom Unit.

As functional as it is sleek, the Dual Classroom Unit incorporates technology into furniture for ultimate usability. With one simple push of a button, this spacious work table transforms into a fully equipped computer lab. Several full computer systems, power outlets, and USB points are built into the unit for maximum convenience. This custom-made workspace has all the bells and whistles built in, while keeping a minimalist composure.

Designed, manufactured and engineered by the team at SmartSpace, this unit has enabled one classroom to operate as two.

The possibilities of the Dual Classroom Unit are endless. In another environment the unit could easily graduate into the agile workspace. An office could switch into a meeting room, and you’d barely need to lift a finger.

If you’re needing an innovative solution – custom-built or ready-made, SmartSpace has you sorted. Give us a call today, or visit our Auckland-based office and showroom.

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Check out the full project via YouTube here.
Check out the full project via YouTube here.
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