Value for money and sustainable design plays a key role in our future.
Our vision is to excel in every environmental dimension with a focus to protect and preserve our environment and natural resources.
In our quest for preservation and sustainability, we invest in research and development, constantly seeking better materials and implementing better environmental performance from our production facilities and product.

99% Recycle

Locally manufactured Rubix and
Phoenix workstations have both been
certified as 98.9 and 99% recyclable
content respectively.
A conscious effort has been put
into the material selection for both
these workstations to ensure
environmental friendliness and
cradle-to-cradle recyclability at
product end-of-life.


Locally manufactured Rubix and
Phoenix workstations have also been
certified with circular economy model
office compliance. Smart Space is the
first commercial furniture company to
comply in New Zealand.

Product Stewardship

Smart Space and manufacturing
partners are committed to
responsible life cycle management,
product stewardship and the
extended responsibilities of Smart
Space as a vendor.
Smart space will take back all Smart
Space products and recycle in the
following ways (in order), diverting
waste from landfill where possible.


Certification Certification