Focus Pod Range

Focus. Unquestionably, an absolute necessity for productivity. The Focus range features the latest technology in acoustic upholstery with nanofibers that are scientifically proven to absorb sound.

  • Activity Based Working Product
  • NZ Design & Manufactured
  • In-built cable management  
  • Easily relocatable  
  • Four different styles to suit your requirements
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Product Details

Unfortunately, especially in open-plan, agile or activity-based work spaces, focus can be easily lost amongst the noise and activity of a modern workspace.

Lack of focus doesn’t just result in diminished productivity, it can result in stress – which quite easily escalates to a lower immune system, lack of sleep, or worse – snappy, irritable staff.

No one wants to work with snappy, irritable staff.

Luckily, you no longer need to find your displaced focus. We have a number of solutions for this (check out our top noisy office solutions here), including our most recent addition – the aptly named Focus range.

The Focus range all have similar basic attributes – upholstered in scientifically proven sound absorbing nanofibers (the latest technology in acoustic fabrics), a wrap-around shape for 360° audio and visual distraction blocking and a fairly generous desk space.

They’re easily relocatable, customisable in a wide range of finishes and made here in New Zealand. The predominant feature that unites this family though, is their ability to create a haven of focus for peak concentration.

The Focus Return, Engage and Touchdown are perfect for individual focused work, with room for a comfortable office chair of your choosing. The fourth member of the Focus family - Focus Scrum creates a perfect environment for two, to get their heads down, keep their eye on the ball and wrestle through some serious collaboration. It also has inbuilt ergonomic seating, hugely comfortable and is also colour-customisable.


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