Smart Services

Our passion for functional and beautiful environments extends out of the workplace. We’re also passionate about our natural environment, taking a sustainable approach whenever we can.

We pride ourselves on being leaders in workplace solutions. We are passionate about functionality and design, and get pretty excited about creative problem solving, as well as new technology and innovations. If we haven’t already designed and created the perfect solution, we will. Our tailor-made and customisable furniture sets us apart –
we love taking an idea and turning it into a solution.

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Office space planning

To make the most of the space you’ve got, you’ve got to be smart about it. Our office planning process turns your vision into an achievable plan. Once we’ve established what needs to be done and where, we’ll formulate a strategy and recommend solutions to reconfigure your workspace. This may include test-fits (“try before you buy”). Visit our Auckland office and showroom to see our products, check out our wide range of customisable finishes, or talk to our team about creating something entirely new.



If you need a solution that doesn’t quite fit in your budget, or one that can be updated in line with the latest technologies, SmartLease is the answer. SmartLease is a payment plan where you either hire on a fixed- or open-term basis, or lease-to-own for solutions you know will stand the test of time. We offer this option for any solutions over $3000, and it can be used to cover insurances and installations, too. Check out our SmartLease page for more information and an obligation-free quote.


Custom-made commercial furniture

We’ve created a huge range of exclusive products with agile and activity-based working in mind. But if we don’t have the perfect solution, we can make it! If you need a custom design to address noise, space, ergonomics, technology, storage, office churn, or anything else, we can help. Our speciality is taking your ideas and bringing them to life, whether that means personalising an existing design or creating an entirely new concept. Even better, we do


Advanced technology solutions

We’ve tried to avoid saying this but there’s no other way – we love to geek out on tech! The world is becoming increasingly technology-focused, and it’s essential our solutions reflect this. We work with everything from inbuilt chargers to IOT (the internet of things) to make sure our solutions have it sorted.

The latest technology allows for solutions that make better use of your space and time, as well as ensuring easier control and access. You can check and unlock our Smartalock lockers by smartphone, hide your monitor in your desk, or even charge your iPad on the couch. Our products aren’t just smart by name – they’re smart by nature, too.