Does your office need an upgrade – but you don’t have the budget to match?


Office Churn, two words that send shivers down any HR manager’s back; “How do we squeeze 4 more people in to our existing work space? Can we rejig the dark corner and set up a new workstation? Or is it finally time for a big refresh?”

If your office furniture is dated or worn or you have 10 new staff joining the business, or you feel the workplace could be a little (or a lot) more user friendly, SmartSpace has the solution.

But now, with SmartLease, you don’t have to worry about how much it’s going to cost!



SmartLease is our smart financing solution that allows you to have the latest workplace solutions on a budget that suits you. Not only can you tailor your payment plan to suit your business’s needs, come tax time those payments can be up to 100% deductible.


If you’d like to see what you could get, check out our quote calculator. 

If you’d like to see some office inspiration, have a look at our projects here.


You can have the whole shebang – not just furniture solutions but the fit-outs, installation, warranties and protection, all bundled into the one agreement.

You can either lease to own your favourite, timeless pieces, or stick with commercial furniture leasing that allows for upgrades and changes to suit your business. 

The application process is fast and easy, meaning you can upgrade your office faster.

The other benefits of SmartLease include:

  1. Use your business’s valuable working capital elsewhere

  2. Ability to keep your furniture up to date with the latest designs and technology

  3. Address workplace functionality issues as soon as they arise

  4. Change your package to accommodate staff fluctuations and project needs

  5. Add protection in case of theft, loss, damage and inability to meet pay obligations

  6. Own the furniture you want, without having to wait until you have “left over budget” (whatever that means)



So if you want smart solutions – not just for your workplace but your financing as well, get in touch today.