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AA Insurance

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STACK Interiors

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Managing Agile Workspaces: Insights from AA Insurance's Experience with FloorSight Technology

In 2018, AAI made the decision to transition to an agile workplace when they moved to their new premises, AA Insurance House. The new office designs mainly consist of open-plan shared workspaces, with bookable meeting rooms, training rooms, and informal collaboration spaces. In the Hamilton office, out of 121 desks, only 17 are fixed, while in the Auckland office, only 30% of employees have a fixed desk.

AAI faced difficulty in obtaining real-time data necessary to make vital decisions about the company's accommodation strategy. Monitoring the space manually was time-consuming and often provided inaccurate information. To address this issue, AAI turned to SmartSpace's FloorSight technology.

Using FloorSight, AAI was able to obtain accurate data, even when someone forgot to tag onto a desk, as FloorSense reported when the desk was in use. This information helped AAI gauge the capacity in the office accurately. Installing FloorSight proved to be beneficial for AAI in various ways.

FloorSight enabled AAI to ascertain that the Hamilton office had enough space to accommodate all staff with additional capacity. This information was based on real-time data and helped AAI plan team moves and meet their ongoing Business Continuity requirements.

The FloorSight system also helped AAI to identify which areas were being utilized after-hours and on weekends. Based on this information, they condensed the Contact Centre staff to work in specific areas in the central Auckland office. Turning off the after-hours air-con in the unused areas helped AAI save a considerable amount of money in utility bills and operating costs.

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