April 10, 2019

What's been happening at SmartSpace?

Check out what Sheila got up to last month…

Making her debut appearance in our latest video, Sheila stars alongside a modern agile workspace hero (and our latest technology solution) – SmartaLock!
If you look closely you might even spot Simon Hope and James Dodunski at the end of the clip...CHEESE!

Companies can have assigned lockers, or unassigned lockers - or even a mixture of both. Staff can manage their lockers and book unassigned lockers in any place remotely, and management can monitor and unlock lockers if needed.

The lock is easily accessed with your choice of building access card, smartphone app, or the touch-screen kiosk. This locker solution is low power, low maintenance, and pretty good looking, too. And just for gadgets-sake, you can even charge your smart device in it.

We’ve already installed 15,000 SmartaLockers to date!!! It’s featured in some of the coolest fitouts - BDO, Z Energy, McDonald's, Air New Zealand, Auckland Uni, AUT, Mercury, AA Insurance, and our first ever client for SmartaLocks - Southern Cross :)

1000w (1).jpeg

"SmartaLock Light is going to be a real game changer for us. It’s incredibly cost effective – even against pincode locks, as well as being easier to install and troubleshoot if needed. The simplicity in which it’s put together (it’s practically lego!) and ability to be remotely commissioned means shipping worldwide is no problem either!" - Simon Hope, Director of SmartaLock


Check out the fun we had behind the scenes on the day...

If you're interested in finding out more about SmartaLock, contact James and the team here.

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