October 16, 2019

Storage Solutions For Hot Desking & The Agile Workspace

The modern workplace is so hot right now-and not just for hot desking.

Not so long ago, the average office was a jumble of allocated workstations. Each desk had to accommodate a PC (with those enormous monitors and CPUs), as well as a filing tray for ‘paper stuff’, a stationery caddy, books, folders, and whatever else a worker might need to get through the day: notepad, lunch box, hairbrush, framed photo of Fluffy...

But now, as offices adopt a more mobile way of working, the need for everyone to have their own little cubicle is no longer necessary or efficient.

Life is lived on the go. Workers today are armed with smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices. Why should anyone be chained to a desk?

Enter the agile worker – and the need for agile workspace storage.

Why agile workspaces work

Many offices now allow their staff the flexibility to work where, when and how they choose. Hot-desking is a concept in which office workers aren’t assigned to a workstation, but “check in” to whatever’s available at the time. This means the modern ‘desk’ may have multiple users.

Of course, employers still have to provide staff with storage solutions. Even the most minimalist worker has a fair bit of gear to lug around: laptop, phone, chargers, drink bottle, glasses, lunch.

So, short of giving out Batman utility belts, how do your workers get themselves AND their stuff from one desk to the next, day after day?

Simple! It’s all a matter of smartening up your storage options.


Gone are the days of fumbling with a lock and key: Smartalock is here.

Lockable cabinets and cupboards of old are no longer suitable for today’s workplace. The modern agile worker requires modern, agile storage solutions. Staff who frequently move between workstations should have storage that moves with them – fast.  

Smartalock is the ingenious solution to agile staff storage.

Smartalock allows staff – and management – to access storage space with either a building access card, smartphone app, or the touch-screen kiosk. It’s low-power, low-maintenance and super easy!

With Smartalock, you can assign lockers to your staff near where they are working for the day. This is great for teams who need access to shared but secure storage during group projects (while saving you money and improving productivity!)

Oh, and it provides USB power in every locker – so staff can even charge their devices in it.

The Smartalock app is compatible with both iPhone and Android and provides all portal services. Simply shake, swipe or enter a pin or unlock.

Chosen between assigned or un-assigned lockers (or a combo!)

This is storage at your fingertips (and designed right here in New Zealand!)

The agile caddy

This light, bright caddy is ideal for the agile worker on the go. It’s the ultimate office toolbox: a place for everything, and everything in its place.

The Agile Caddy isn’t just a way to store stuff. It’s a way a organise the day.

Yank it out of your locker (with the smart side-pull handle) and unpack your stuff in seconds. The removable utility pots allow you to arrange your desk YOUR way.

These snazzy caddies feature a flexible interior and cosy compartments for almost any device: laptops, tablets, phones. There’s also space for other office essentials: files, papers, pens, framed portrait of your aunt Gladys (hey, whatever works for you).

And because workers are more than just a number, each Agile Caddy Comes in a multitude of colours with interchangeable fabric or vinyl covers. The soft-feel handle and optional shoulder strap make it super easy to carry.

There’s even a cardholder and a name tag (so you won’t wind up with the wrong lunch).

Tambour units

You’ve got your caddy – now where to put it?

Tambour units are the snazzy solution for the dynamic workspace. These innovative cabinets are large enough to hold everything from folders and files to shoes and sharpeners – but smart enough to take up minimal space.

The tambour-style doors roll into the sides of the cabinet rather than opening outwards, which saves on space. They allow for easy access to items inside without taking up a whole lot of clearance space to open. You can fit a tambour cabinet into an area with limited space, adding storage to an office, workstation or even a cubicle.

Most importantly, they’re lockable – which makes them a much safer solution than your average work desk.

Oh, and they look great!

Need agile storage? Check out our full product range to find the storage solution for your busy workplace.