Agile Tote - Personal Storage Unit

The Agile Tote gives you the ability to carry everything you need to utilise your agile workspace with ease.

  • Made from lightweight, durable PVC
  • Perfect for activity based and agile work styles
  • Compartmentalised for organisation
  • Rubber handle for comfort and grip
  • Available in a Range of Colours
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Product Details

Agile working means you can change your environment to suit your needs – which makes the ability to socialise, collaborate or focus, easy.

What's ‘not easy’ is balancing your laptop, mouse, hard-drive, diary, calculator, stapler, hole-punch, favourite mug and fancy pens in your arms each time you move.

While carrying this load to and from each work station can do wonders for your biceps and co-ordination, it’s not practical or time efficient – it’s just annoying. So naturally, we came up with a solution.

The Agile Tote gives you the ability to tote everything about your agile workspace with ease.

Made out of PVC with a rubber handle grip, the Agile Tote is super lightweight and strong, so you can comfortably carry everything you need.


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