November 25, 2019

SmartSpace helps build classrooms of the future!

How does it feel to put the finishing touches on New Zealand’s largest-ever public school rebuild? Well, the SmartSpace team are certainly chuffed and also quite keen to sit down on some of the stylish flexible seating and enjoy a cuppa at one of the ergonomic work stations.  

The cramp from attaching hundreds of agile monitor arms certainly hurt but the reaction to the $80 million rebuild of Auckland’s Western Springs College made it all worthwhile.  

The quality and functionality of the classrooms and learning spaces has been praised by students, their families and most importantly the guy who could have sent the whole SmartSpace team to detention if they hadn’t got it write (or is that right?)  It’s safe to say Ivan Davis is a very happy principal. “What an absolute pleasure it has been to introduce our students and then the community into our new school,” says Principal Davis.  



The open-plan learning environment is the perfect showcase for SmartSpace products like Focus Pods. Although open-plan working encourages collaboration, noise can become an issue.  Focus Pods are upholstered in scientifically proven sound-absorbing nanofibers (the latest technology in acoustic fabrics) with a wraparound shape for 360° audio and visual distraction blocking.  Which means even if the dog ate your homework, you can slot into a Focus Pod and do it again with no distractions!

SmartSpace did leave behind quite a few Rubix Kubes. That would be a clever and flexible desk set up, not a throw-back puzzle from the 1980s.  The way SmartSpace products fit together to solve the puzzle of the modern classroom is pretty cool too.  With lots of options for in desk power, USB ports and on desk charging to keep every digital device a student could ever need juiced up and ready to go.


The Apus Media Booth is also helping bright sparks at Western Springs make the grade while also easing the load on the environment. The booths are upholstered in sound-absorbing material to facilitate focused discussions but they are also built using recycled material where possible too.



Principal Davis also acknowledged the care, thought and planning that went into delivering this learning environment of the future. “The awe with which the community has viewed the new facilities (over 800 visitors over two nights) is an indication of how special this place is.”

SmartSpace got the chance to create this special space thanks to the Jasmax Design Team and Sarah Kirk. You don’t need to have an $80 million budget to benefit from SmartSpace’s agile office solutions. Being able to adapt and customise spaces to meet ever-changing needs is what modern office and learning environments are all about.  

Our team are happy to sort you out with one or even two agile monitor arms if that’s what you need. They might even install them in you make them a cuppa!