activity Based Working

Activity-based, open-plan, hot-desk, agile – today’s workspaces come in many forms. These modern work structures can promote collaboration and creativity, provide greater freedom and flexibility, dilute hierarchies, and be great for team relationships. But they can also compromise concentration, productivity, and privacy.

We’re here to help counteract these issues and make the modern way of working work for you. Check out our range of furnishing options, designed to get the most out of activity-based working environments.

Apus Media Booth Focus Pods floorsense-floorsight ted-laptop-table framery-acoustic-phone-booth miss pak Scope Leaner Trestle Style Table Agile Plant Wall bobbin-stool Blade Wall Rubix Electric Sit to Stand Workstation Smartalock agile-tote Agile Caddy Hot Box 2 Agile Bag Hot Box 3 Bambi Storage Caddy Rubix Kube Collaborative Workstation Meeting Table Smart Table Hilton Chair Focus Booth Trestle Leaner Vector Stool Agile Hook Agile Screen